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SMS Power Controller (3G):

The SMS Power Controller is a stand alone device which accepts and processes standard SMS text messages for the control and scheduling of a standard 120V power outlet.  The SMS Power Controller can be used to remotely control, or schedule, power to a connected 120V appliance or circuit from virtually anywhere in the world!

  • Control power to any 120V device using simple SMS text messages from your cell phone
  • 3G, Quad-Band (850/900/1800/1900) Chipset
  • GSM Supported Protocols: EGSM/DCSI/PCSI/WDCMA/HSPDA
  • No monthly cell phone subscription required!
  • Does NOT require a smart phone application (iPhone/Android).
  • Use ANY cell phone that supports SMS Messaging.
  • Can be used anywhere Cell Phone coverage is available.
  • Does NOT require WiFi or Internet Service.
  • Turn ON/OFF immediately (via SMS or at the device itself)
  • Schedule ON/OFF times
  • Receive SMS confirmation when scheduled events occur
  • Request Device Status via SMS (On/Off and scheduled events)
  • Built-in 120V / 20A outlet and relay
  • See through cover for display of activity and diagnostic LED's
  • Table-top or wall-mount use
  • Simple, easy to use, security prevents unauthorized access or control
  • Up to 10 Cell Numbers can be authorized for SMS control
  • This device is not tied to any service provider.  Use whatever GSM provider you want.
  • The device is fully programmed and ready to use (no programming required)
  • Software upgradable and programmable!  The Open-Source Arduino-based firmware is available on our web site for customization.  The capabilities and functionality of this device are fully customizable!  Advanced users can change the behavior of the device!
  • Hardware upgradeable and extendable!  The extra-roomy enclosure was designed to support a wide range of microcontrollers and additional sensors (Temp, Light, Proximity, etc).



[Download User Manual] (Details and Lots of Photos)


In the spirit of Open Source, the software is being made freely available.  Download it, Play with it, Enhance it!  If you make changes to the software, and you think it might be of value to others, Why not email it back to us with a description of the modifications?  We would be happy to share the variants on our web site!  Please Visit our Software Page for More Info

Price: $249.00

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