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Microcontroller Power Controller Kit

The Microcontroller Power Controller Kit is effectively the SMS Power Controller device without a System Board.  This platform is ideal for designers and experimentors who want to have a single enclosure with integrated microcontroller power supply, 120V relay activation circuit, and room for mounting a variety of microcontrollers (Arduino and others).  We supply the enclosure, power supply, and relay circuit - You pick the controller, shields, and sensors to meet your requirements!

  • Complete foundation for remote or automated power control of 120V devices
  • All-in-one enclosure contains 120V power relay circuit, microcontroller power supply, and mounting area for your choice of microntroller platform
  • Microcontroller power supply is 5V, 9V, 12V selectable (2A max)
  • 120V/20A switching/relay capacity using a single microcontroller digital I/O pin (3VDC @ 3-5ma)
  • Single enclosure, single power cord, single power outlet
  • Sufficient space in enclosure to mount even the largest microcontroller platforms (Arduino, Mega, Stalker, IBoard, GBoard, RBoard, etc)
  • Sufficient space in enclosure to stack one or more shields
  • Detachable baseplate and stand-offs included for maximum microcontroller mounting flexibility
  • Clear enclosure cover for visibility of dignostic LED's
  • Enclosure can be wall-mounted using a built-in, extendable, hanging tab
  • Both a standard barrel connector, and discrete pin cable, provided for the microcontroller power supply
  • Control a 120V power circuit REMOTELY with your choice of microcontroller and shields (WiFi, Ethernet, GSM, Bluetooth, etc)
  • Control a 120V power circuit AUTOMATICALLY with your choice of microcontroller and sensors (Time, Temperature, Light, Water Level, Proximity, etc)

[Download User Manual] (Details and Lots of Photos)

Price: $129.99

Haute Solutions EGGBoard : 

The EGGBoard is an Arduino based Ethernet to GSM Gateway Board.  This unique board provides the ability to interface and communicate directly between Ethernet and GSM Cell Phone Services (SMS).  The board employs an Arduino Mega 2560 processor for maximum RAM, IO, and processing power.  Use the board as an Ethernet to SMS gateway to continuously monitor computers on your network and send you an SMS text message if any of your servers go down or if network connectivity is lost.  Use the board as an SMS to Ethernet Gateway and send SMS messages to control systems or devices on your thernet Network.  Perfect for any type of communication/control between your cell phone(s) and devices on your ethernet network.

This board uses the standard GSM chip on UART2 and the Ethernet W5100 and SDCard on the SPI bus.  As such, it works directly with the standard SIM900 and Arduino Ethernet shield libraries without code modification.  Its like having an Arduino MEGA 2560 with both a GSM SIM9100 shield, and a standard Arduino Ethernet Shield, all on a single board.

This board also accepts standard arduino shields if you need additional expansion.  Furthermore, jumpers are also provided to optionally remap the digital I/O pins being used by the onboard chips (D4, D6, D7, D10).  If you wish to use a shield that expects/provides signals to/from any of the above pins, they can easily be remapped to unused pins on the 2560 (D46, D47, D48, D49) by using these jumpers.  This unique design provides the ability to use virtually any Arduino shield without having to worry about a conflict with any of the onboard chips or functionality!

Check out our Software Page for Sample Code for the EGGBoard including:
- Monitor network addresses and send SMS notification if a system goes down
- Web Server which sends out SMS messages
- A pair of utilities (AutoIT/Arduino) which demonstrates how easy it is to implement FREE software which automatically sends SMS messages directly from your workstation/server - or - receive SMS messages to control/command events on your workstation/server.

We also have a 9V/2A Power Adapter to power this board, a USB Serial Interface (FOCA) for programming, and an LEDSwitchShield if you would a simple shield for LED display and Switch interface.

Price $99.99

Haute Solutions GBoardHS : 

Its like an Arduino Mega 2560 and a Cell Phone (Voice/Data/SMS) all on one board!

GboardHS is a unique Arduino board designed and manufactured specifically for Haute Solutions.  The GBoard HS features an ATMega 2560 controller, SIM900 GSM/GPRS module, and a Micro-SD card slot. This board will add GSM/GPRS/SMS connectivity to your Arduino projects.  The SIM900 supports full Voice/Data/SMS connectivity for your arduino projects without requiring any additional Shields.  Additionally, the larger memory and IO capacity of the ATMega 2560 controller leaves lots of space for larger scripts with extended storage requirements.  (ATMega 2560 has 256K RAM vs ATMega 328 with 32K RAM).   It’s great for anything from home automation to robot control.

We also have a 9V/2A Power Adapter to power this board, and a USB Serial Interface (FOCA) for programming.

Price $59.99


ITeadStdudio GBoard : 

Its like an Arduino and a Cell Phone (Voice/Data/SMS) all on one board!

This is the little brother to the GBoardHS.  The Gboard is an Arduino board which features an ATMega328P controller, SIM900 GSM/GPRS module, a Micro-SD Card slot, an XBee socket, and an nRF24L01+ wireless interface. This board will add wireless XBee / nRF24L01+ control as well as GSM/GPRS connectivity to your projects. This board is great if you don't need the full memory capacity of the ATMega 2560 or want the added benefit of an XBee header or nRF24L01+ interface.

We also have a 9V/2A Power Adapter to power this board, and a USB Serial Interface (FOCA) for programming.

More Information: ITeadStudio

Price $45.99

LED Switch Shield : 

The LED Switch Shield is a very straight forward, yet powerful, accessory for any Arduino developer.  This shield has an LED and a switch circuit set aside for each digital and anolg pin on the Arduino (except D0 and D1).  This includes pins D2-D13 and A0-A5.  The shield, quite simply, lets you select a pushbutton switch, or LED, or nothing at all, to any of the above pins.  Each LED has a current limiting resistor and each switch has a pull down resistor.  This shield is designed to fit the standard Arduino shield interface.

Do you need a couple of control switches, or a couple of indicator LEDs for your Arduino project?  Are some of your pins already used up by onboard hardware interfaces?  Just slide this shield onto your arduino and you can use any/all of your available digital/analog I/O pins for control or diagnostics!  Simple, flexible, and cost effective!

In addition to jumper selection for each pin (LED or Switch), you can also choose not to connect the pin at all (no jumper), or even use a specific jumper pin as an I/O connection for external service.

LEDs in D8-D13 column are Green.  LEDs in D2-D7 column are Yellow.  LEDs in A0-A5 column are Red.

This shield works great as a control and diagnostics interface for our EGGBoard!

Price $14.99

9V 2A Power Adapter: 

This 9V-2A Power Adapter is perfect for powering a standalone EGGBoard, GBoardHS, or GBoard microcontroller.  (The GSM chipset on these boards require a bit more power than a "naked" Arduino).

Price $9.99

FOCA Kit (USB/Serial Converter) : 

A USB to Serial converter is required to program any of our Arduino based boards.  The FOCA Kit provides this capability.  The kit includes both the USB to Serial converter as well as a USB cable.  Rather than implementing the FOCA chipset on each and every board, we simply offer the conversion board as a seperate option  to help save cost on the boards.  One FOCA board is all that is needed to program multiple Arduino based boards (EGGBoard, GBoardHS, GBoard).

Price $19.99

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