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SMS Power Controller:

The Arduino source code for the firmware for the SMS Power Controller is made freely available in the spirit of Open Source.  The product is yours, why not make it do what you want?  Download it, Play with it, Enhance it!  Add sensors, have it contact you when something happens (door opens, temperature falls, etc), enable voice call capabilities.  Yes, the microcontroller even has jacks for microphone and speakers!

A detailed description of the firmware upgrade process can be found in the SMS Relay User Documentation

If you decide to "jump in", you will need the following items to get started (in addition to our source code):

Here is the source code required for programming the SMS Relay:

Additional information which might be helpful:

If you make changes to the software, and you think it might be of value to others, Why not email it back to us with a description of the modifications?  We would be happy to share the variants on our web site!

EGGBoard Example Source Code:



Dual Setpoint Thermostat Project:


The following files support the Dual Setpoint Project as published in the {Month} {Year} edition of Make Magazine





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